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My First Vice Hosting Experience

Nicole Breanne - HIGHLIGHTS-3970.jpg

When my super cool producer friend asked me if I’d be interested in interviewing Olly Alexander from Years & Years for Vice I obviously said YES! She’s been aware of my distant dream of hosting my own talk show one day, and graciously gave me the opportunity to give it a whirl. For about 48 hours I immersed myself in all things Olly. I watched every interview, every music video, studied his Twitter and Instagram, all while listening to his old music and new. I loved every minute of it and was excited by the amazing interview questions Jess and I (mostly Jess, let’s be honest) had prepared.

We talked about love, life, dating, sexuality, masculinity, gender, mental health, anxiety, music, AI, and more. Olly is a beautiful, self-aware, kind soul with a fire to change the world through music and self-expression. I hope you’ll check out the interview above, and definitely listen to their newest album, Palo Santo!

Nicole Hudson